Similar to Fallout 4, junk in Fallout 76 is collected and used primarily for crafting of settlement objects and equipment mods. New to Fallout 76 is the ability to craft armor and weapons from scratch using junk and plans. Junk is also used to repair settlements and equipment. Several intelligence perks reduce the amount of junk needed to repair objects and items.

All junk items consist of one or more components that can be acquired from scrapping junk at any workbench. Because components weight less than junk, it is recommended to scrap junk often to prevent becoming overencumbered. The scrap all junk option available at work benches will scrap all junk items in the player character’s inventory automatically, save for items which are used as ingredients for making something else, such as baseballs. Bulking Aluminum and Lead can save 0.5 and 1 weight respectively, so it is recommended to bulk them if you are saving a lot for later use.

All weapons in Fallout 76, ballistic, energy, explosive, melee, or unarmed have a randomly generated condition bar, the same weapon may have a different amount of condition and a different condition bar length. Player characters with higher Intelligence can craft weapons with larger durability bars. Players with higher Luck can influence the condition of found weapons.

Additionally, a weapon’s level determines the base damage output and condition of the weapon. An example would be the combat rifle having a base damage increase by increments of 4 between level 20 and 50 leaving an unmodified level 50 combat rifle to have an additional 12 base damage over the level 20 counterpart and having a slightly longer condition bar. Higher level weapons also have higher build and repair costs.

All magazines grant increases to relevant skills or damage for 1 hour (2 hours if using the Curator perk). Using a skill magazine consumes it, and another will need to be obtained to implement the increase again once the allotted time has elapsed. They function similarly to skill magazines in Fallout: New Vegas, which also provide temporary benefits. Most of the Fallout 76 magazines share identical titles and cover art from Fallout 4 magazines, however the bonuses they provide are frequently slightly different and temporary.

Similar to Vault-Tec bobbleheads, the magazines in Fallout 76 are randomized spawns over a number of locations. Magazines are susceptible to physics, so they may fall off platforms and may not be in the exact location listed below.


Location Location description 
Alpine River CabinsOn a round table in the treehouse up the hill on the south side of the area.On the lower bunk of a bunk bed in the southern cabin.
Appalachian AntiquesBehind the counter to the left of the cash register.In the destroyed shack behind the store, next to a sleeping bag.
BeckleyIn the women’s bathroom of the gas station, behind a locked (Picklock 0) door.
Big Al’s Tattoo ParlorIn a magazine rack next to the front door.On a barrel in the brew room where Biv is, next to the entry door and the first brewing station past the stairs.
Big B’s Rest StopNear the food serving area by the stairs in the rest stop building.
Bolton GreensOn the front reception desk, beside the bell.
Camden ParkIn a portable toilet in the raider camp which is set up in the center of the rollercoasterLocated on a roller coaster seat.On a magazine rack to the left of the entrance, near vendor bot Chad.
Camp AdamsLocated on a bench around the central campfire.On the floor in the shower block.On the ground behind the knowledge exam cabin.
Camp VentureOn a set of shelves near the overseer’s cache in the command center.
Charleston trainyardIn an open locker in the catwalk areas of the lower areas, near a terminal
CliffwatchOn a makeshift table near a locked (Picklock 2) safe.
Cranberry gladeOn a bench at the eastern end of one of the walkways.
Dolly Sods wildernessIn the ground floor bathroom of the residential building.On a magazine rack in the room with the grand piano in the camp office building.
The Giant TeapotIn the Red Rocket station, in a blue box sitting on the bottom of a shelving unit.Inside the Giant Teapot, east of the refrigerator on an overturned wooden box.
Grafton DamNear some pipes in the SouthWest corner
Horizon’s RestOn a TV stand in one of the parts of the crashed plane
Hornwright summer villaNext to the fridge in the garage; between it and the wall.In the basement, to the left of a wooden shelf, underneath stacked wine barrels.
Hunter’s RidgeUnder a couch in the westernmost treehouse.
Kanawha County CemeteryIn the church on a pew.
Lewis & Sons Farming SupplyIn the red broken open shed, immediately east of the barn. It will be sitting on a cabinet next to three sealed glass jars.In the greenhouse, on the counter next to the cash register
Landview LighthouseOn a table of one of the covered picnic areas, directly north of the lighthouse.On the dining table of the nearby house.
Mac’s farmInside the house on a makeshift table, on top of the left barrel supporting the wooden plank.
Marigold PavilionTo the left of the red dirty mattress on the second floor.
Morgantown trainyardOn a wooden box in the lookout tower.On the second floor, opposite of a mattress leaning against the wall, on a wooden box.
MosstownOn a magazine rank in the eastern section, next to a locked (Picklock 3) safe
Mountainside Bed & BreakfastOn the coffee table in the living room.On the reception desk.On a coffee table in the reception area.Near a broken terminal, on a desk in the office connected to the kitchen.
New Appalachian central trainyardOn a desk in the railway switch operators tower.In the ransacked bank, on a table in the vault.
North Cutthroat campOn a table with two severed heads, near a steamer trunk.Behind a toilet with a monkey playing the cymbals sitting atop it (the magazine may be glitched into the dirt but can still be picked up).
Overlook cabinBehind a wall heater on the second floor, near the door which leads out to the balcony.On a table near the armor workbench in the basement.
Philippi Battlefield CemeteryUpstairs, on the floor by the display cases.
Pi HouseOn the kitchen counter.
Pioneer Scout CampNext to the outhouse beside the archery range.Inside cabin A02 with bunk beds, in an open footlocker, on the right.
Pleasant Valley Ski ResortOn a balcony, sitting on a table by a cooler (the floor above vendor bot Resin).On the building to the immediate south of the northern ski resort building, on a small round table on the balcony. (Marsupialmutation or a jet pack is required to reach the spot.)
Pylon V-13On a mattress in between two train carsNext to a sleeping bag in the northern car
Ranger district officeOn the floor in the room with the fireplace
Relay tower EL-B1-02On top of a blue console against the western wall.
Relay tower LW-B1-22Inside on the central terminal station
Ripper AlleyIn the small lookout tower
Riverside ManorIn the upstairs guest bedroom, on a desk next to the guest bedroom terminal.
Seneca Gang campOn a seat near a steamer trunk.
Silva homesteadOn a shelf in the dining room of the house.On the bottom of a metal shelf between the armor workbench and weapons workbench in the large storage area near the silo.
Solomon’s pondBehind some stacked wooden crates in the southwestern shed which is near some workbenches.
Sons of Dane compoundIn the cellar on a table with a microscope.In the Buck’s Den, on a table near the entrance.At the northwest gate, on the ground below the watch tower.At the northwest gate, on the top of the watch tower, next to a skeleton.
Striker RowOn the wire mesh table beside the cooking station
Torrance HouseJust under the filled-in push cart next to the toy blocks that spell out “redrum.”On top of the roof, very close to the scaffolding.
Transmission station 1AT-U03Inside the tower, on the floor between two cardboard boxes near the industrial trunk.
TreetopsOn the second-to-top level, on a table next to a birdhouse.
Twin LakesOn a ledge next to a deflated boat.
Tygart water treatmentOn a table in the northeast corner of the fenced in area, next to a radio.
Tyler County fairgroundsOn the left barrel in a stable area on the east side of the fairgrounds, near the large slide.Inside the prize booth sitting on a shelf, next to a toy rocketship.
Uncanny CavernsAt the gift shop in front, inside a display case.Inside the first small room near Audio Tour Station 1.Inside the Dead End section, between two sleeping bags (Audio Tour Station 8).
Watoga Shopping PlazaInside Slocum’s Joe, on the table with a yellow plate. Sometimes spawns below the table.In the crashed elevator of the transit hub, can be underneath the rubble near a skeleton.
The Whitespring golf clubOn a shelf in the study near the locker room on the first floor.Inside the robot pod room, sitting beside a stacked box on the first floor.
The Whitespring ResortOn a table on the upstairs porch of a dilapidated building north of the main resort (has one of the holotapes for a quest)
Widow’s PerchNear a cinder block on the floor below the workbenches.
WV Lumber Co.On a table on the middle floor of the main mill building.On a table in the outermost warehouse.

Keys in Fallout 76 open specific doors or containers, some of which are inaccessible otherwise. Keys and key cards are found in the open in the game world or in containers, or on corpses. Passwords are found on notes, on computer terminals or given in prerecorded messages or on holotapes heard during quests. Quest related keys will typically not spawn unless the quest is active, for instance, the Dyer Chemical ID card for the quest Tracking Unknowns. Keys, once collected cannot be removed from inventory or placed in stash; however, they weigh nothing.

Wild Appalachia

ImgName (G.E.C.K. ID)OpensFound / in possession ofRelated questBase ID
Assaultron recall keycardP01B_Wolf_RecallKeyAccesses Bysshe remote robotics terminal at the Pylon ambush siteGarrahan Estate – in the Wolf’s cache on the top floor. (Additional copies may also be fabricated using a recipe.)Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing003fbf36
Assembly passwordP01B_Lying_02_PasswordAssembly platform terminal at Van Lowe TaxidermyVan Lowe TaxidermyThe Lowe-Down003f073f
Burrows old tunnel keyUD002_OldTunnelKeyJail door in the BurrowsThe Burrows, on a drawer.Waste Management00453aa7
Cindy’s diary key CUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_CindysKeyCindy’s diaryA Perfect Getaway003f1861
Colin van Lowe’s passwordP01B_Lying_OfficeTerminalKeyOffice terminalObtained during questUnsolved: Tracking Terror00478de4
Distillery supply passwordP01A_Nukashine_DistillerySupplyPasswordDistillery supply terminal to open door in the Nukashine speakeasy.Given after reading a terminal entryat Eta Psi House.Wasted on Nukashine0046ecf3
Nuka Cola marketing access codeBMO_BunkerKey07_Ingram_Password_01Terminal at the Ingram MansionUnderneath the crashed plane, in a suitcase underneath the plane.003f1bd5
Paired keycard 01BMO_BunkerKey07_Keycard01ID card reader at the Overlook cabinKanawha Nuka-Cola plant, behind the door of a bathroom stall marked “out of order.”003f1b6c
Paired keycard 02BMO_BunkerKey07_Keycard02ID card reader at the Overlook cabinTanagra Town, under a pillow on the second floor of a ruined house003f1b84
Room 123 BMO_BunkerKey07_MotelKey003f1bab
Safe keyP01b_Robot_KeyNearby safeNortheast of Welch, beyond the train tracks003f269d
TNT dome key 7BMO_BunkerKey07_BraxtonKey_finalTNT dome 7 at Black Mountain Ordnance WorksOverlook cabin003f1b6f
Spare operative keycardP01B_Lying_Master_KeycardDeactivates laser grid in Van Lowe TaxidermyLewisburgThe Lowe-Down003f0740
Taxidermy storage keyUD003_TaxidermyStorageKeyDoor in the taxidermyVan Lowe Taxidermy00478d43

Many foods and drink items found in Appalachia are slightly irradiated and can give the player character radiation poisoning. Many also carry the chance of disease.

Food: Some food items can be planted in player settlements to increase the settlement’s food supply. Uneaten meat and vegetables will spoil over time and then have a greater chance of causing disease.

Soups: Soups satisfy both hunger and thirst and have some of the lowest chances of causing disease.

Drinks: These consumable items can heal the player, temporarily change the player’s SPECIAL stats and add various other unique effects. Some of these drinks can be crafted at chemistry stations found across Appalachia. When drinking alcoholic consumables such as beer and wine, there’s a chance the player can become addicted, which will result in decreased stats until the addiction is cured. To prevent addiction, the Professional Drinker perk must be leveled.

Ammunition or ammo is the term used for expendable ordnance material used in charging firearms of all kinds; such as powder, balls, shot, shells, percussion caps, rockets, missiles, energy, etc. The purpose of ammunition is to project force against a selected target or area.

All ammo has weight in Fallout 76 like in the survival modes of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. This weight can be reduced with the appropriate perks which will reduce the weight of a particular type of ammo. The level of the player character determines how many and which types of ammo may appear in containers or on defeated enemies. However, there are certain types of ammo that will only appear at specific locations. There is plenty of ammo scattered throughout Appalachia, but if one has the caps and doesn’t feel like venturing out to find more, it can be purchased from both tradersand ammunition vending machines. Ammo can also be crafted at a tinker’s workbench with the appropriate materials.

Some types of ammunition can also be enhanced with ultracite. This makes it more deadly against enemies affected by the Scorched Plague. Ultracite ammunition can only be used by weapons which have been modified with a prime receiver.

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