• Not buying coins is the only way
  • say your buying 300k the seller trades you a card worth say 200 you then post it for 300k and they buy it. Obviously, if you post a quick sell bronze for 300k and it sells your gonna raise flags, this is just 1 method I know of and I’m sure there are other ways people do it without being banned.
  • I would think once they identify a coin seller account they would look at his transactions and ban people from suspect transactions. No idea if it’s true but it seems logical for them to follow the money.
  • I sold 4 mill with 100k increments and nothing happened.
  • There really is no safe way unless you’re willing to have an alt account that gets banned and buy cards slightly over BIN over a period of time from your main after buying coins in bulk, which even then is theoretically bannable. Take your chances and risk facing the sound of revenge, or stay legit.

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