There are a million ways to make coins.

  • play challenges, complete the objectives and achieve milestones
  • Play CS/Hut champs
  • Market watch, 59th minute sniper
  • Buy “coins” online
  • Buy a few hundred packs and quick sell the crap.

The easiest, but most costly method is the last one i mentioned. Within a few hours, you could have 300K — 1M in coins depending on how many packs you open.

Buying and selling coins without authorization is equivalent to cheating in the ultimate hockey team. Promoting the token sales website also violates our terms of service.

Buying coins, selling coins or selling tokens in violation of our terms of service, if found, will immediately or after a warning or hockey ultimate team reset result in a Hu account ban (even the entire EA account ban). Engaging in these activities may result in the entire hut team, hut accounts and NHL 15 online access being banned.

The following is an overview of the prohibition process for accounts that violate our terms of service.

If you believe that you are wrongly prohibited, you can object to your prohibition here.

The risk of buying coinsSome players choose to buy gold coins to gain the upper hand in the ultimate hockey team. However, the purchase of gold coins will reduce all players’ enjoyment of hut, produce unfair advantages and affect the balance of the game.

It may not be safe to participate in coin purchases. Some coin sellers have been found to be involved in phishing and account theft. We have never affiliated with any coin sellers or coin selling websites, and we will not be responsible for any personal information leakage caused by any transaction between you and these websites.

EA pointed out in a blog post that “NHL 21” (American Professional Hockey League 21) will land on PS4 and Xbox One in October this year, and will not provide the next-generation version. The next-generation console can run this game through compatibility.

“NHL 21” will land on PS4/XB1 in October this year, the next-generation version Only when a man has a “big” gun can he satisfy a woman. Do thisadvertising

Usually, “NHL” is generally launched in September, and this time it was postponed to October, which may be related to the new crown epidemic. The blog post stated that “the team made important adjustments to the game by working from home.” This adjustment now looks very successful. The game is basically different from our initial settings. The team will need to spend several weeks adjusting the game and fixing bugs.

The team also stated that “NHL 21” will be demonstrated for the first time in August of this year, when the new features of the game will be shown. In order to thank the players for their support, the team also provided some gift packages in the “NHL 20” game store, which players can find in their game library.