How to buy NBA 2K20 MT?

By in NBA2K20 on 13/08/2020

Auction House is the safest place to exchange cards for MT coins. You can list your own players for MT coins and then U4GM purchases it. You can set a random bidding price for your player, however, the buy now price must equal to the MUT coins you will purchase at U4GM. Also, remember the transaction fee is 10%.

Auction Ends: suggest over 23 hours
Buy Now Price: the number of coins you want to buy at U4GM(Note: the Auction House transaction fee is 10%)

They will provide a safe and effective NBA 2k20 MT by Auction House trading. None of their 2K MT customers’ accounts will be banned.

As the leader of the game market, they are proud to sell the cheapest game coins and items. Take a careful look at the price of the game market and know that the goods on their website are sold at the lowest price.

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