Get your MUT Coins in just 2 minutes

By in NFL, NFL-20, NFL-21 on 24/08/2020

Speed of delivery is just as important as the price of MUT Coins, we understand that. Therefore, we have developed an automated system that allows us to precisely locate your Madden player on the auction house and purchase him within 2 minutes of receiving your order. Thus, allowing you to spend your Madden 21 Coins the very moment our system tells you that your player has been bought. Ultimately, we want you to get back into the game as soon as possible and start building that dream roster of yours!

The additional benefit in our evolutionary delivery system is that it not only quickens the speed of your Madden Ultimate Team Coins delivery, but it also provides a step-by-step guide on how to receive your Madden coins throughout the buying stages.

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