Why People Are Losing NHL HUT Coins

By in NHL, NHL-20, NHL-21 on 25/08/2020
  • Which is the dumbest fucking shit I have heard? People have been doing this with low overall EVOs since they came out. So here we have the same concept with the Fantasy cards but it triggers an auto-ban/coin removal. EA is struggling really hard out of the gate this year. Nervous to see how the rest of the year goes.
  • I don’t understand why they would even bother with the fantasy set then. Their heads are shoved so far up their own ass right now and it’s going to decimate this game. They never communicate that they’re working on an issue, and we’re generally stuck with customer service reps that don’t know a damn thing about their own company/games.
  • I think it’s only some people. I sold a Fantasy Patrick last week for 300k, so far so good. I got lucky!
  • The EVO cards that sold for a lot tended to be rated decently, to begin with. There weren’t 72 overall cards selling for some of the highest prices in the games. They also might have excluded them from the automated systems but dropped the ball and didn’t exclude fantasy cards this year.
  • When you have used real cash for in-game purchases and this kind of thing happens I’m pretty sure you should get all your real cash in-game purchases back because this is affecting the whole time before they return your coins back to you all. I am against all coin selling, trading and also ALTs. But those who didn’t do anything wrong this is very frustrating for sure. Let’s hope they resolve this soon. (like bronze pack frenzy…) I have read the user agreement and I think you all who is for sure “clean” could even make this official complaint. Go to court or something. It’s EAs luck that they operate from Canada and not from the US.

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