How to buy WoW classic gold Reddit?

By in WOW Classic EU, WOW Classic US on 18/08/2020

There are 3 ways to buy wow gold Reddit in world of warcraft classic: Face to Face trade, mail in the game, and delivery through Auction House buyout. The best and safest way to buy wow gold is through face to face trade.

1.Face to Face Trade. Request a friend and whisper you for a trading place. Then meet you and exchange an item to the gold that you have purchased.

2.Mail-in the Wow Classic. Gold seller directly mails wow gold in your mailbox. This method is not very safe. Because the Blizzard may consider the transaction is abnormal and banned the related account.

3.Auction House. This is also recommended for it is always safe and fast. Choose Auctions to sell an item(recommend above Green Quality), set the duration to 24 hours, and set the buyout price. Gold sellers will buy these items and you will receive the wow gold that you have purchased from their site. For sellers like , they will cover 5% of the Auction House Trading Fee. The following image shows how to trade via Auction House.

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