Questions related to WoW classic gold

By in WOW, WOW Classic EU, WOW Classic US on 18/08/2020

Where is the best place to buy wow gold?
Actually, Reddit friends all know, the best way to get wow gold is to farm in the game. Choose the best ways that are suitable for you and do it again and again.
However, there are times you might need thousands of gold in a short time. In this way, buying is the only way.

Is buying wow gold safe?
Buying wow gold safe or not? From the view of Reddit users, the behavior of buying gold is illegal. Since it hurts other player’s interests. The gold buyer can get items from the Auction House easily. As a normal player, for a safe purchase, you must choose a safe seller at first. The seller must not ask your password. The safe transaction method is Auction House or Face to Face trade. The process of buying is just like a normal purchase.

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